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What is Chiropractic?

In order to understand what Chiropractic is we must first understand the Nerve System and its significance within the human body.

The Nerve System is the means by which your body communicates between and within all other body systems. The Central Nerve System is housed by the skull and the spinal column, the latter of which also provides the structures by which the Peripheral Nerves exit the spine to innervate every cell of your body.

When you encounter stress, whether emotional, physical or chemical, the body experiences trauma and becomes subluxated. Subluxation is an interference within the nerve system that prevents optimal function. Suboptimal nerve system function can be visualized as a breakdown in communication between and within all body systems which will thereby result in suboptimal function of each and every body system.  A subluxation manifests most visibly as a misalignment of the spinal segments, better known as vertebrae.

The one and only purpose of chiropractic is to locate and correct vertebral subluxation.


By so doing, the interference that prevents optimal function of the nerve system, and subsequently each and every body process, is removed. When the nerve system is allowed to operate optimally, communication between and within systems is restored and the unceasing process of cellular healing from the unavoidable trauma (i.e. stress) of this human life is resumed.

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