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McGrath Family Chiropractic


Dr. Ryan combines several well-established approaches to spinal assessment and adjustment within his personal technique. His primary focus is to remove both energetic and mechanical interferences that prevent balance within the neuro-spinal system using Forces applied by hand. By removing such interferences, known as subluxations, a body is able to fully realize its Innate self-healing, self-regenerating, and self-organizing capabilities. 

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Brain-Body Balance

The brain being the master control center of all functions in the body, Dr. Ryan’s primary focus is to establish balance between its right and left hemispheres. He uses the clinically-proven method of testing the muscular strength of the arms and/or legs to demonstrate the presence of subluxation within the spinal column. Studies using brain-mapping technology have shown the link between discrepancies in relative strength of the left versus right extremities and decreased brain activity. The chiropractic adjustment has been shown to establish balance between the hemispheres as demonstrated by the improved continuity of relative muscle strength, alleviating neurological stress and allowing for improved function of all body systems.

Zone Healing

Zone Healing technique was developed in the early 20th century by a Chiropractor named Dr. Thurman Fleet. Using electrical probes applied to cadavers, Dr Fleet hypothesized and eventually demonstrated successfully that nerves carry electrical impulses. In the course of his research he discovered six subsystems of the Central Nervous System along the transverse plane of the brainstem corresponding with specific groups of spinal segments. He categorized the groups of segments, according to the body systems they seemed to affect when stimulated, as follows:


1 - The Glandular Zone

2 - The Eliminative Zone

3 - The Nervous Zone

4 - The Digestive Zone

5 - The Muscular Zone

6 - The Circulatory Zone

Dr. Fleet further demonstrated palpable fibers along the base of the skull corresponding to each Zone in turn. The fibers presenting the most palpable feedback corresponded to what he called the Major Zone. By stimulating the spinal segments associated with the Major Zone (and sometimes one or more Minor Zones) using Chiropractic adjusting forces, the feedback subsides and and continuity is restored along the length of the spine and within all Zones, thereby improving efficiency within all systems.

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Atlas & Axis

Dr. Ryan’s method of adjusting will also incorporate some mechanical techniques such as the Grostic upper cervical specific (Atlas and Axis) utilizing side posture Toggle and Knee-chest. Those two focus on removing pressure directly off of the brainstem. When adjusting newborns with this approach it is a sustained contact that helps unwind tension around the brainstem to improve all functions of the body. Other techniques used partially are Thompson and Sacro-occipital technique to adjust the neck and low back without a “pop” whether that is per request of the patient or it is what will best serve the body. Logan technique is used when adjusting babies and Webster technique for adjusting women during pregnancy.


The 3 main approaches to the human body Dr Ryan uses as lenses to connect and adjust are known as Bio-Geometric Integration, Craniosacral, and Mastery/Love/Service. BGI recognizes the fractal nature of life. Also the basis of triangles being the building blocks of all structural integrity from a cellular level up to how our body is presented in time and space. The craniosacral approach focuses on the importance of cerebrospinal fluid and its role in bathing the brain, and providing it nutrients. The main objective with this approach is to restore flow of this fluid by adjusting distortions in the cranial bones, rib cage, spine, pelvic bones (primarily the sacrum), and also the arms and longs as long levers into the body’s core system. The last approach being MLS focuses on full spine adjusting with ease on the spinal cord rather than putting somebody into tension before putting in a force. Ease is always the main goal to achieve, not Dis-ease. The body speaks louder than words, and Dr. Ryan goes by what the body is saying and does his best not to violate the body’s innate wisdom of “guarding” a force to enter the system because it's not ready for the type of input. If that is the case then utilizing the drop-table feature will help the body adjust and unwind tension within the spinal cord usually not resulting in a “Pop” of joint. Each body is different and between all those techniques and approaches Dr. Ryan is able to serve to express more of life’s potential to heal, regenerate, and self organize.

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